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Case Study: Empowering Advocacy through Web Transformation - Kuhluka Movement
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Kuhluka Movement, a non-profit civil society mass organization, is dedicated to combating the violation of women's rights. Founded on the principles of advocacy and mitigation, Kuhluka plays a crucial role in giving a voice to women survivors while providing them with a safe haven during their time of need. The organization offers comprehensive and specialized counseling, legal, and health services to survivors of domestic violence.

The Challenge

Kuhluka Movement had an existing website developed by another provider that no longer reflected the organization's vision and mission effectively. The outdated website not only failed to convey the essence of their work but also lacked the modern and user-friendly features necessary for engaging with their target audience. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence in advancing their cause, Kuhluka sought a revamp of their website.

Our Approach

Understanding the significance of Kuhluka's mission, our team undertook the challenge of transforming their online platform. The goal was to create a website that not only showcased the organization's commitment to combating domestic violence but also provided a user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Key Objectives

  1. Visual Upgrade: We aimed to give the website a modern and visually appealing makeover that would resonate with the organization's values and engage visitors effectively.

  2. User-Friendly Navigation: Enhancing the website's navigation was a top priority to ensure that users, including survivors and supporters, could easily access information and resources.

  3. Showcasing Services: Highlighting Kuhluka's comprehensive services, including counseling, legal aid, and health services, was crucial. The website needed to be a platform where survivors could find support and information.

  4. Responsive Design: Given the diversity of the audience, a responsive design was implemented to ensure an optimal viewing experience across various devices.

The Transformation


Old Website Homepage
New Website Homepage
Old Website Blog page

New Website Blog page

Results: A Digital Haven for Empowerment

The revamped website successfully achieved the set objectives, delivering a visually appealing and highly functional platform for Kuhluka Movement.

  1. Modern Aesthetics: The new website embraced a modern look and feel, effectively communicating the organization's commitment to progress and change.

  2. Enhanced Navigation: User-friendly navigation was implemented, allowing visitors to easily find information about Kuhluka's services, events, and resources.

  3. Service Highlight: A dedicated section showcased Kuhluka's services prominently, emphasizing the support available for survivors.

  4. Responsive Design: The website's responsive design ensured an optimal viewing experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, expanding accessibility for a broader audience.

Conclusion: Amplifying Impact Through Digital Empowerment

The revamped website stands as a testament to our commitment to Kuhluka Movement's cause. By providing a visually appealing, user-friendly platform, we have empowered the organization to amplify its impact in combating domestic violence. The digital transformation ensures that Kuhluka continues to be a beacon of support and advocacy for women, bridging the gap between survivors and the help they need.

Visit the newly revamped Kuhluka Movement website: https://kuhluka.org

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